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Max Lugavere has burst onto the health and longevity scene with his third book, Genius Kitchen: Using Genius Foods for Preserving our Health. But what I have found fascinating is listening to his interviews and hearing the depth of his knowledge, the why, and the motivation he displays for informing about the latest research.  When you have had personal experience either watching someone’s health deteriorate or watching someone recover, the motivation for finding valuable and peer-reviewed answers burns in your soul.  As a health coach, I can relate to that.

He engages in several podcasts.  Beyond the basic enlightening information, pay particular attention about his discussion on the use of antiseptic mouth washes and how detrimental they are to the brain.  All of this information applies to ALL degenerative diseases which plague our population as a result of consuming the SAD (Standard American Diet).

All of these experts seem to agree on the best diet, not only for your brain, but for longevity, cardio-metabolic health, diabetes, cancer, etc.  There may be tiny and insignificant variations, but there is actual scientific evidence about what offers us the best diet for the nutrients on which our bodies were designed to thrive.  If you take the time (and notes) to explore these podcasts, perhaps purchase books by these experts, they will give you a roadmap (and some great recipes) for changing your health, most especially the two latest books: Genius Kitchen and Younger You. You will have a complete reference for taking your health into your own hands!  And while you are at it, think about consulting with a health coach either one on one, or as part of a group.  It is worth every penny and the money you can save in conventional medical bandaid solutions to health issues and medical bills might just be worth it!

Podcast with Dr. David Perlmutter.: What to Eat for Optimal Brain Health

Podcast with Dr. Mark Hyman: The Best Diet for Your Brain

In addition to Max Lugavere, another new book is firing up the Functional Medicine community because of the astounding biological age reversing achieved in the research behind the Younger You program. The Younger You program by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.

And while we are at it, don’t forget the other researcher who is reversing Alzheimer’s when drugs are failing.  The End of Alzheimer’s Program by Dr. Dale Bredesen.

And on a final and very sad note:

A tribute to Dr. Sarah Hallberg.  The entire Functional Medicine world is mourning the loss of an extraordinary young doctor who was one of the mainstays of Virta Health and was determined to show that diabetes was a curable condition.

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