Glenda Kapsalis FMCHC

My role as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach is to listen to your story, hear your goals, offer you my support and encouragement, and gently guide you to a healthier and more active life. More about me here.

The Omnivore’s Solution evolved many years back as a result of a wake-up call delivered by Michael Pollan. His book The Omnivore’s Dilemma was the inspiration for my original blog. With his permission, the blog was named and born. It was only many years later that I took the steps to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, followed by training in the Bredesen Protocol at the Apollo Health organization. The blog has become a website!

I hope to share with you my passion for cooking, keep you updated with the latest research in functional and integrative medicine, and help anyone interested in personal guidance learn to hack your lifestyle in order to achieve what you feel is the best version of you!

Please bear with us as our site is being revised from a blog to a website! It isn’t easy!!!

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