I’m really grateful to Glenda for all of the great advice and coaching I’ve gotten from her.  My doctor had me on 40 mg of Statins per day to reduce LDLs and Triglycerides.  Glenda taught me how to change my diet and my lifestyle, which got my blood chemistry under control within about 8 weeks.   My blood chemistry looks so good, my doctor took me off the Statins.  The diet also helped me lose the extra 10 pounds I’d been carrying around.  Glenda is a very patient and instructive resource.   She didn’t just tell me what to do, she helped me understand the reasons why it was so important to make the changes I needed to make.  She also gives out lots of good recipes for healthy meals.
— Ray S

I have known Glenda for years and have enjoyed many delicious, healthy meals with her. She believes food is medicine and that well-informed food choices based upon individual needs promotes life-long health benefits and fewer encounters with the medical community. 

Glenda has talked about the ketogenic food choice program for some time before my wife and I tried it starting last June. I had hopes of reducing my medications and my wife wanted to lose some weight. Although cutting out carbs and replacing them with the right kinds of fat is counter-intuitive, the results have been spectacular. I have eliminated half my blood pressure and diabetic medications, lost 17 pounds and have difficulty keeping weight on. My latest lab results confirm the benefits of intelligent eating and surprised my doctor. I’m sure my wife can now fit into her wedding dress from 50 years ago. We both feel great.

Glenda is not only passionate about this lifestyle, she will support you all the way. Her extensive knowledge is based on years of study and experience and she generously shares articles pertaining to your needs. These scientific articles are peer reviewed and contain data that allows you to interpret the results for yourself, something a data driven engineer like myself appreciates.

The best part of knowing Glenda is that she is a fun loving, vibrant person up for anything who is always encouraging. You should get to know her.
— Ray F

Glenda has become my go-to resource for my patients who struggle with mood instability, anxiety, energy and weight issues.  She is supportive and non-judgmental in her approach, which is extremely helpful for anyone who is struggling with health issues.  Her knowledge is cutting edge, and she is always right on top of the latest research.  The fact that she can do coaching remotely works really well for the folks I’ve referred to her. 
— Virginia S, LCSW-C

Glenda was my Functional Medicine Coach in 2021. I found her online as I was searching for someone to help me make sound alternative medicine decisions about addressing metabolic health issues through healthy eating. Glenda proved to be a true treasure in helping me with my goal. This is because she is very knowledgeable on metabolic and healthy food choices, she is resourceful, compassionate, a positive thinker and an excellent example to follow for life style changes in achieving better health. She recommended an excellent Functional Medicine practitioner to me. Also, Glenda has access to and shared generously with me information, articles and advice about the health issues I care about and healthy eating, including recipes, cookbooks and relevant other books. I would highly recommend Glenda to others who may wish to benefit from the skills and knowledge of an excellent health coach.

Efi P.

Glenda has been an amazing health coach.  She gave me tons of advice, recipe ideas, and encouragement along the way.  She was incredibly responsive to any questions I had, and she definitely went above and beyond what I had expected.  She also had great referrals to doctors and other resources to support my health journey.  Glenda is also kind and compassionate, and it always came across that she cared about how I was doing and how to best help me.  I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with Glenda, and I recommend her with no reservations!

Jennifer C.