The Drive

One of my favorite “walk in the park” podcasts is “The Drive” by Peter Attia, MD. Entertaining, engaging, and sometimes very nerdy! It has turned out to be an “in-depth” education on many pertinent issues pertaining to our health.

The Doctor’s Farmacy

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD is a board member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, the “mother-ship” so to speak! He interviews many different kinds of practitioners from the integrative medical arena. Always a treat!

FxMed Podcast

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND is a source of cutting edge research as she interviews the practitioners on the front lines of Functional and Integrative Medicine. Another “in-depth” source of the latest information!

15-Minute Matrix

Andrea Nakayama, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, offers a podcast that is another additional source of the latest research and clinical experiences of the leading scientists and clinicians in integrative practices.

The People’s Pharmacy

Joe and Terry Braedon do a phenomenal job of educating and informing people on the very latest health information and interviewing leaders in the integrative medical field on  The People’s Pharmacy.


The Mindbodygreen Podcast is a continuation of the mindbodygreen journey of mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental well-being. Jason Wachob, founder & CEO of mindbodygreen, shares motivational interviews with the people shaping the wellness world.

Broken Brain

Drhu Purohit hosts the Broken Brain Podcast. This is one of the leading functional medicine podcasts. He interviews many of the leading practitioners about issues relating to our brains and the root cause approach to resolving those issues.

Diet Doctor

Dr. Bret Sher interviews leading minds in the low carb and keto community. The Diet Doctor website is geared towards metabolic issues and has helped people lose weight and address health challenges brought on by the Western diet and lifestyle. It is the brainchild of Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and for a small monthly fee is one of the best websites out there on low carb and keto. Even without the monthly fee, there is much to be learned.