A Cascade of Evidence Against the American Diet

A tribute to the inspiration for my blog, Michael Pollan, one of the early voices decrying the SAD, who many years back graciously granted permission for me to name my blog The Omnivore’s Solution.

Did you know that “eating ultra processed foods increases your death rate by 75%”? We are talking science here, not propaganda.

Are we finally waking up to the dangers of the SAD (Standard American Diet)? Even conventional doctors (at least some of them) are suggesting to change the diet before administering bandaid medications. This is a greater task than it would seem since we are bombarded with cheap ultra-processed food-like substances in every corner of the grocery store. AND, these foods are carefully designed to make us crave more of them, make the government subsidized farmers richer, and the conventional medical/pharmaceutical system thrive as well. 

So, the solution? Well, start by listening to this podcast by none other than the ever-present Mark Hyman. Take notes! He and Dhru Purohit do a fantastic job of breaking down into simple steps what a person should do to become free of conventional medications and chronic illnesses and start thriving instead of surviving. The title of the podcast, The Six Foods You Should Never Eat, sounds simplistic, but believe me, it isn’t! So much more about what is wrong with our industrial food system is covered in a very thorough manner. This is part of a Masterclass Series and is highly enlightening for those that wonder why they are having a difficult time getting healthy in our corporate food system.

We are swimming upstream in a food environment that is designed to produce cheap food that addicts us, eventually kills us, and makes the manufacturers rich. As you will learn in the podcast, this starts in childhood and only gets worse. The only way it will change is if we take matters into our own hands and hit the bottom line of these manufacturers. No profit, no incentive!

Some recommended readings around this same theme: Metabolical by David Lustig, Sickening by John Abramson about the greed and inequities in the American Healthcare System and more on this topic from Dr. Hyman: Food Fix.