(Please forgive my using the popular late night phrases for this post!  I couldn’t resist! Thank you Stephen Colbert and John Oliver!)

I recently posted a podcast addressing the importance of sequestering carbon in the soil  to combat climate change.  One of the best ways of doing this is through regenerative agriculture, including raising grass-fed animals. One of the best articles I have encountered about regenerative grazing is well worth a read. 

By a strange coincidence, my attention was next drawn to articles outlining the importance of choline which up-regulates BDNF (brain derived neotrophic factor) in our brain. And where are the greatest sources of choline in our diet?  Funny you should ask! 

Of the many articles about the importance of obtaining choline, one of the best is posted by Chris Kresser, one of my favorite resources.  This article clarifies in my mind why so many of us are lacking in choline and perhaps why there is such an uptick in brain degenerative diseases.  Another and even more thorough article on feeding your BDNF is also from Kresser.  Once you allow all this BDNF into your brain, you can encourage it to remain there with aerobic exercise. (WHO KNEW?!, a tip of the hat to Mark Hyman).

AND NOW THIS!. . . Getting choline from our food which supports the production of BDNF and protecting the environment might actually go hand in hand!