Exciting Times!

Let’s forget for a moment that if we all are able to live many healthy years beyond normal there will be no resources left for feeding and supporting a burgeoning population.  Let’s instead look at the growing field of anti-aging research.  With all of this new information bursting forth almost daily, we can at least plan to live our current lifespans as healthy as possible and be unaffected by the host of degenerative diseases which currently plague our population.

At the center of the very recent anti-aging talk is David Sinclair, a Harvard professor influential in many areas of anti-aging research and product development.  His most recent and most public introduction was on NPR, where host Elise Hu of Future You explored his area of expertise and tried it out!  He is making the rounds of interviewers and podcasts due to his new and fascinating book: Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To.

Several recent podcast interviews with well-known hosts have highlighted different aspects of his research.  Joe Rogan and Peter Attia both interviewed him at length and both are really worth listening too.  A chattier interview with Dr. Mark Hyman also occurred earlier.  Needless to say David Sinclair is a very popular guy right now!  And so is a product he speaks about frequently!  NMN is at the forefront of anti-neurodegenerative supplements at this point in time.

Exciting times indeed!

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