A Huge Disconnect!

I am currently reading Lifespan by David A. Sinclair, a revolutionary book about the very latest research on aging as a disease that can actually be reversed! The book was brought to my attention after listening to a wonderful podcast on which Dr. Sinclair was featured.  It describes how we already have supplements and select pharmaceuticals that are having remarkable effects on the markers of aging. The promise of longer and healthier lifespans becomes more realistic every week with multitudes of researchers working on solutions that we only need to implement.

At the same time, I happened to listen to another podcast that gave a grim account of climate change citing statistics put forth by Tom Newmark, a proponent of regenerative farming that sequesters carbon in the soil and reduces CO2 in the atmosphere.  Hence, the DISCONNECT!  How can we be optimistic about increasing our lifespan while the lifespan of our climate is decreasing with every year of global warming and soil depletion?