A View From Inside Big Food 

This is a podcast from an insider about how Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Ag are keeping us and our children sick.  Do we really want to treat children (or adults for that matter) for the rest of their life with Ozempic to the tune of $1500 a month with insurance? It is recommended by Big Pharma and therefore conventional doctors that you or your children must be on Ozempic, in spite of the side effects, for the rest of your life to treat your obesity and pre-diabetes. Let’s not mention that there are serious withdrawal issues. This will be the highest profiting drug for the pharmaceutical companies and ensure life long visits to Doctors.  Are we kidding?  Something that can be solved by diet and lifestyle???

Calley Means has walked the talk by previously being an insider at major food corporations and now exposes them! “He is also the co-author (with his sister, Dr. Casey Means) of an upcoming book on food-as-medicine. Earlier in his career, he was a consultant for food and pharma companies and is now exposing practices they use to weaponize our institutions of trust. He is a graduate of Stanford and Harvard Business School.”

If you want to know why the vast majority of Americans are sick and in the pockets of Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Food, here is your answer. And now our children are their targets as they seek to treat diabetes in children with Ozempic. This podcast is a must listen for everyone who cares about their health and the health of children! This man is on a mission to call a spade, a spade. And he has the knowledge to do it!

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There are so many links from medically affiliated sites that indeed Big Pharma will have the highest generated income from this drug!  It is shocking that something that can be so successfully treated with diet and lifestyle (which of course would lead to loss of income to the Industrial Food Complex and conventional medical complex), is so widely promoted because of its profits! I look forward to what Calley Means can accomplish!

As an addendum Dr. Mark Hyman recently posted a compounded podcast on The Doctor’s Farmacy addressing the health misconception and faulty “research” that spearheaded the increase in metabolic diseases beginning with Ancel Keyes and the notion that fat was the cause of heart disease, which he later acknowledged was probably not the case.  Many people are still holding on to this notion with low fat, high carb diets leading to a huge increase in inflammatory diseases including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, etc.  This is an extremely informative podcast!

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