IF ONLY . . . .

In Functional Medicine, we talk a lot about diet and lifestyle as the preferred treatment for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, cardio metabolic issues, cancer, dementia, autoimmune diseases etc.  But one area of health has been left behind with complete dominance, much of it disproven, by the psychiatric/pharmaceutical conglomerate. Things are hopefully about to change, although it may take years. There are relevant books appearing:  Brain Energy, The Better Brain, Antidepressed, and going back many years to ignored input (or should we say suppressed!) Deadly Psychiatry and Organized Denial.

The amazing number of people I encounter who share sad family tragedies and histories of depression, suicide, etc., tell the same stories of extended pharmaceutical manipulation with little success. All one has to do is spend time on Mad in America to discover some of the history which has led us to this folly. This podcast tells a lot!

Some families are challenging the psychiatric profession and a few psychiatrists are shifting to nutritional psychiatry and metabolic psychiatry with much success.  One noted group is the Baszucki family, interviewed in the podcast above, which has focused on improving the lives of others through philanthropy. “Our founders personally understand the challenges of a mental health crisis as well as the life-restoring impact of successful interventions. They are dedicated to supporting research and treatments that will offer new hope to families like theirs.” With his wife, Jan Ellison Baszucki, David has funded neuropsychiatric research for many years.

The Baszucki Group has started an organization to support this coming monumental change in the psychiatric profession called The Metabolic Mind Along with the website, there is a YouTube channel, Metabolic Mind YouTube

There is hope! IF ONLY this awareness had happened years ago before so many people suffered the consequences of the pharmaceutical control over the psychiatric profession. This article tells it all. To all families that have watched a loved one suffer from multiple pharmaceutical interventions, speak up, share your grief, keep fighting for those psychiatrists and therapists that aren’t afraid to walk a different path!