And The Results Are In: The Beginning of a New Era!

Up until the present, the only recognized research on Alzheimer’s had to do with pharmaceuticals. Why? Because all medical research considered to be “scientific” was defined as the manipulation of a single element (or pharmaceutical) in a blind placebo controlled study.  I.e., one group is given a placebo and the other group given a medication and the results are tabulated.  

Think about it! Any researcher using diet and lifestyle (otherwise in this case known as the Bredesen 7) would take a group of patients exhibiting the beginning or moderate symptoms of Alzheimer’s, treat half of them with a protocol that especially in the early stages has proven effective, and DENY that treatment to another group with the same symptoms in order to have a placebo group!  How humane is that?

To date there is not ONE single pharmaceutical treatment for reversing or stopping the progress of Alzheimer’s, but Apollo Health and its trained practitioners are doing just that and finally the scientific community is paying attention. It turns out that 10 to 20 years before you are diagnosed with neurological decline leading to dementia, the writing is already on the wall. That is the time to initiate the PreCODE (Prevention of Cognitive Decline) protocol so that the ReCODE (Reversal of Cognitive Decline) protocol is never needed.  As Dr. Bredesen says repeatedly, “Alzheimer’s should be a thing of the past.” 

Dr. Dale Bredesen and a group of Apollo Health affiliated practitioners have just submitted results of an ongoing study which have been vetted for publication.  This podcast discusses the results of their ongoing project. This is big news! 

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