The Story of an Incredibly Courageous and Motivated Woman

Probably the most inspiring and moving podcast/YouTube presentation I have ever watched appeared recently on The Peter Attia Drive with the visual presentation (really worth watching) on YouTubeSarah Hallberg is one of the founders of Virta Health. Virta is using a low-carb, ketogenic approach to quickly reverse pre-diabetes as well as Type 2 diabetes and other cardio metabolic issues. People get OFF of insulin, improve their metabolic health and are relieved of their reliance on the pharmaceutical band-aids offered as the standard of care for diabetes.  Virta has become famous for its work.

What many don’t know is that Sarah Hallberg has a cancer diagnosis that is terminal and has survived and hopes to continue to survive way beyond the predicted lethal outcome of her disease in order to further her goals at Virta and see her three children launch into adulthood. 

She is beyond passionate and admittedly angry about injustices in the healthcare system and continues to strive for change in spite of the severity of her illness.  I have watched many Peter Attia podcasts and have never seen him brought to the emotional level that he experiences on this one. I dare anyone to watch this and not have the same feelings about this amazing woman. We need so many more people in the healthcare world with the same anger and passion in order to begin to address the inequities in our profit-driven, pill-for-an-ill, sick-care system in this country. Sarah Hallberg is the very definition of bravery.