The Sad State of Our Current Medical/Insurance System

Can you imagine saving money for NOT having standard health insurance?  Our insurance/health care system is broken.  Prices are WAY out of line and even with The Affordable Care Act, the Primary Care system needs fixing and in this podcast these Doctors are putting forth a solution.  Admittedly, the podcast is one of my go-to favorites, but this is a group of doctors seeking to revolutionize our system to become truly a “health” care system rather than a “sick” care system offering a pill for an ill in 8 minute doctor visits. The stories they have to tell will convince you of the necessity of real empathy and coaching to change the lifestyles of their patients. Conventional Doctors right now have the highest suicide rate, and it’s not all about Covid. If you listen to this podcast you will understand the burnout being caused by our costly, ill-functioning sick-care system.

Dr. David Tusek of Cloud Medical in Boulder, CO, and his team are launching a revolutionary website called Ravel Health to help you find the kind of patient-centered primary healthcare that they have initiated rather than getting entrenched in the hugely expensive insurance system.  I’m sure there are many readers who can relate to paying huge health insurance bills only to not be covered for the kind of care that really solves chronic health problems rather than perpetuating them.  If so, this podcast is for you.