Keto Chocolate Ambrosia

My decision to concoct this drink came from reading a post about stearic acid on Medium by Brandon J Eudy, PhD of  He presents a balanced view of various nutritional arguments.  But what most intrigued me, being a chocolate lover, was his information on stearic acid and how prevalent it is in cacao butter and saturated fat.  Say no more.

To quote Dr. Eudy, “Finally, stearic acid might cause fat tissue to secrete a hormone called adiponectin. Adiponectin is usually seen as a marker of health because it promotes insulin sensitivity and reduces inflammation.” 

So, when you are looking to live longer, or simply find a new twist to your low carb/keto diet. . .try this!

Keto Chocolate Ambrosia

1/2 of one Taza dark chocolate disc. There are 2 discs per package, enough for 4 recipes.   

2 chunks Navitas cacao butter

2 tsp. coconut manna or coconut butter  (not oil)

2 T heavy cream or coconut cream


10 -12 oz. not quite boiling water

Place all in blender and allow to sit for 30 seconds to soften the chocolate. Blend in blender, starting slowly and gradually increasing speed until frothy.  Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cardamom or nutmeg.  Makes 2 servings, or one generous one.  Breathe deeply, engage that vagus nerve and sip slowly.  

Note: These discs are 85% chocolate, which is a legal amount on keto.  

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