The Health and Planet Emergency Found Beneath Our Feet

The depletion of our soil and the application of soil “enhancements” which permeate the majority of our American (and much of the world’s) farms, has wreaked havoc on our health and paints a bleak present and future for the health of our children and grandchildren and the lives of our farmers.

 Dr. Zach Bush decided that positive action was the most effective way to combat what many see as the impending total destruction of our soil and life as we know it on this planet. He helped form The Farmers Footprint to engage farmers in regenerative agriculture that will reinvigorate their lands and output with the important nutrients that have been lost over the generations of commercial inputs. The kale of today is nowhere near as nutritious as the kale of our grandparents era. This is the real hope for the future of our planet and the health of its people. This brief and inspirational movie tells the story.  

The microorganisms that have been destroyed in our soil have had a massive detrimental effect on our microbiomes, laying the groundwork for the onslaught of disease in generations to come. Listen to this revealing podcast where Dr. Bush explains the implications of our reliance on Roundup (glyphosate) and other inputs on the health of our soil and our populations.