Take It From the Doctors That Use It!

This Low Carb MD Podcast really says it all and in words the layman can appreciate: doctors that were discouraged by not getting results helping patients who had cardio-metabolic issues, suffered from diabetes, insulin resistance, all the precursors to weight gain, cognitive decline, etc.

In fact the Doctor on this podcast, and those that are interviewing him, all suffered from metabolic issues while attempting to treat patients according to the prescribed protocol to which they were held accountable. Basically, statins, insulin, metformin, etc.  And if they didn’t? Disciplinary actions from the various medical boards!!! That is the system under which most conventional doctors are forced to operate!

So from the mouth of Dr. Philip Ovadia, a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon, we hear his story.  To quote the introduction by the Low Carb MD group: “Having struggled with obesity earlier in his life, he realized that he had to make a change and needed an answer to his weight problem. That answer came in the form of low-carb which he discovered after attending a lecture by Gary Taubes.”

“We discuss the causes of heart disease, the metabolic markers for heart disease, the appropriate time and place for the usage of Statin drugs vs. lifestyle change, and the central role that insulin resistance plays in virtually all chronic disease.” 

“Eighty-eight percent of Americans are metabolically unhealthy. We discuss in this episode how it is vital for the health of our nation’s citizens that doctors, medical professionals, and professionals from other fields work together to address this problem together.”

I know I frequently say this – but this is an “essential” podcast listen to the very end!  Inspiring, informative, and insightful!

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