Common Sense in the Time of COVID- 19

The scene around this pandemic changes not only daily, but hourly.  I have resisted posting about it because so many people in the media are posting theories and quasi-solutions that sound feasible one moment and then in the next moment are disputed or disproved.  People are using this opportunity to sell products that promise solutions and I find that opportunistic to the max.

I finally listened to a podcast from the Functional Medicine world that was optimistic, solution -oriented, and enlightened.  I especially appreciate the “lessons learned” post pandemic section.  After listening to many, many podcasts by recognized leaders in the integrative medical community, I found Jeffrey Bland, the founding father of Functional Medicine, to have a broad perspective on the lessons to be learned from this virus and our approach to prevention and solutions.

On the Institute for Functional Medicine website, there is also a list of supportive supplements, reliable sources of information and actions to take.  May we all stay strong, resilient and informed in these times.