Again, and again, and again!

Another major article on the failure of big pharma to produce an anti-Alzheimer’s drug!  How devastating this must be to the trial participants and others who are watching for results.  Yet, the results being achieved in treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s and related neurological diseases is quietly undergoing a revolution in Functional Medicine.  

With nothing to gain for big Pharma, the publicity about these possibilities is sadly missing.  We need to shout these possibilities from the roof-tops!  Granted, just popping a pill is probably a whole lot easier than changing your diet and lifestyle and targeted supplements, but compare the outcomes!  The Kresser Institute wrote a very thorough article on this subject and the research and outcomes are discussed and written about daily.  Exciting times for those willing to follow a different approach.  When will the insurance companies wake up so everyone can AFFORD to follow a Functional Medicine approach?  Apollo Health is about to come out with a PreCODE program to accompany their already well-implemented ReCODE program which addresses many neurological decline issues.  The PreCODE will address prevention of cognitive decline, the earlier you start, the better!

A simple Google search uncovers the burgeoning number of practitioners offering this approach!

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