The Red Meat Controversy

This is my final post on the ongoing attempt to disparage red meat consumption. I believe that Chris Kresser has done a very thorough and informed job of presenting the scientific evidence for the consumption of red meat (raised properly with regenerative agriculture) in human history. At least from a health perspective, the arguments against red meat consumption are not substantiated by science. And, in fact, the opposite is supported by nutritional research.

In no way do I intend to disparage the ethical views about animal suffering, or the strong arguments about the effect of conventional CAFOs on the environment. There is no argument about the need to return to regenerative agriculture. But, an informed nutritional and historical approach must be represented and understood. The emotional reasons cannot be confused with nutritional information and unfortunately there is a concerted effort to mingle the messages. But, I happily refer to someone who has done a most thorough job of answering the propaganda – Chris Kresser, thank you! A must read!

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