Poultry vs. Grass-Fed Beef and TMAO

Warning: This article is aimed at those of us who consume a small amount of animal protein for the health benefits. The internet is clamoring with discussions of the dangers of red meat and why we should eat poultry instead, along, of course, with a good number of seafood days, or become a vegetarian or vegan to save the planet. I’m sure the devoted regenerative grass farmers are really exhausted from this!

Here is an excellent article in Paleo Magazine discussing the fear of TMAO and the fact that there is more TMAO in seafood than in red meat! And Chris Kresser gives another well-researched and discussed article on the subject. Many diets being touted for prevention of dementia are also recommending poultry and fish over red meat. Leading Functional Medicine Docs are not fearing grass-fed red meat, for instance, Dr. David Perlmutter.

A nice graphic representation of this argument, once you resolve the TMAO issue in your mind, shows the various nutrients available in these protein forms. Thank you Dr. Jockers – you always have the best visual posts that provide clarity on diet!

Grass-fed beef along with eggs, is an important source of choline which is a vital contributor to neurological and brain health. Choline is necessary for methylation and cognitive functioning.

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