Two Life-Changing Websites

Some websites provide a continuous source of valid information on diet and lifestyle and how to affect a change in your health. Some of them charge a small monthly fee in order to support the large staff that combs the research, conducts interviews, writes the articles, and gives clients support to affect changes in their health. One of the best out there is Diet Doctor, the influential and informative accomplishment of Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, a man responsible for a turn-around in Swedish health outcomes and influential world-wide. His website is a gold mine of information, videos of the leaders in the integrative health realm, success stories, and recipes! Even if you don’t pay the modest $9/month (US) fee, much of the information is free.

Virta Health under the guidance of it’s chief medical officer and one of the founders, Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD, a widely recognized and respected Functional Medicine practitioner, offers a road to health and a way off of the many medications used for diabetes, PCOS, blood pressure, etc. It is a website I send clients to and delight in watching them reduce their medications and in many cases eliminate it, lose weight, gain energy and a renewed outlook on their lives. Even the American Diabetes Association has finely caught on to the low carb/keto efficiency at controlling blood sugar and insulin!

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