Sun’s Back Smoothie


Finally, that yellow orb in the sky that disappeared from the Mid-Atlantic region for at least a month has re-appeared! That calls for a bright green, energizing, get-ready-for-gardening smoothie. Yet another drink containing the queen of greens – frozen kale with all it’s nutrient goodness. Freezing kale rids it of the strong flavor and leaves you with pure green nutrition. Just wash it, bag it and stick it in the freezer. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc and unsaturated fatty acids.  We love these black pumpkin seeds that have incredible flavor!
My favorite oranges are the summer Valencia oranges – not local, never did find an orange tree in DC area yards!  Wait, later we will have local fig smoothies. Just when you don’t want to see another citrus fruit after a chilly winter, the organic Valencias come in to season and are beautiful sliced in salads, inducted into sauces and desserts, and yes, smoothies for pure vitamin C goodness. Toss that with some other power house nutrients and you have a jump start to your morning, or to end your intermittent fast, even without the morning cappuccino.

Toss all into your powerful blender, gradually increase speed and blend at high for 30-45 seconds, or until liquid. Pour into a beautiful red wine glass, walk among the flowers, and enjoy!

Note:  Dr. Ben Kim’s greens, like many high-quality green powders contains pre- and pro-biotics, all manner of seaweeds, algae, and high protein, alkalizing nutrients. A glass of this is like a vitamin pill, only better because it is all whole foods.

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