As Promised – Cocoa Smoothie!

This is a great way to get your young ones, or finicky old ones, to drink powerful green vegetables, nutrient-filled ginger root and turmeric disguised as a chocolate shake!

This smoothie works best in a high-powered blender, but with patience and time will work in a regular blender – did I say that the Vitamix was the best investment we ever made?  But other powerful blenders will work such as Blendtec.

Cocoa Greens Smoothie for two and two little ones

1 C filtered water and 1 C coconut water (or 1 C goat kefir if tolerated)
2 T greens powder
2 rounded T raw cacao powder
1 T coconut butter
1 C organic frozen strawberries, organic mixed frozen berries
1/4 C frozen aronia berries (available at Whole Foods)
2 T ground golden flax seed
1 T chopped fresh ginger root (peeled)
1 T chopped fresh turmeric root (optional, peeled)
2 large organic Medjool dates, pitted (optional)

Toss all into blender and gradually increase speed to high – blend until liquefied, but not heated!  You will have an elixir loaded with good antioxidants, real food, and an energy boost that is sustainable.  I’m still working on getting Dr. Ben Kim’s greens (a Hodges Bottom elixir – those in the loop know) into a cacao smoothie – which should happen tomorrow.  But raw kale is an excellent start!

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