How Much Protein do we Actually Need?

How much do you know about our actual need for protein and the types of protein that provide us with the most complete nutrients for enabling healthy longevity and maintaining muscle mass? This podcast is one of the most informative and useful presentations I have experienced in a long time!

Peter Attia chats with Don Layman on the need for dietary protein as we age. The recommendations  for protein intake that we see in conventional medicine and nutrition are actually for the minimum necessary for survival. But the facts uncovered in brilliant research by Don Layman reveals a different story. The amount needed for “survival” is definitely not the same as the optimal intake for maintaining muscle mass, healthy longevity etc. 

Also, there is considerable important differences to the body in the types of protein, animal vs. vegetable. This is a brilliant and informative podcast that certainly has refocussed and reinforced my dietary instincts. The podcast is exceptionally long, but the wealth of information that even surprised Dr. Attia (and that is hard to do!) is life saving, beginning in childhood and more so as you age. Here’s hoping you take time to listen thoroughly and benefit greatly from the advice given by two brilliant scientists! Be sure to check out Dr. Layman’s website.

For additional support on low carb, keto, and protein, Diet Doctor has a wonderful YouTube interview by Dr. Bret Scher with Amy Berger  who has a highly recognized podcast Keto Without the Crazy. 

The Diet Doctor YouTube Channel has many informative presentations about protein. Taking the time to listen or watch these presentations may add years of healthy thriving to your life!

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