Now THIS is AMAZING Aging Research!

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald is one of my favorite Naturopathic Doctors in the Functional Medicine world.    Her claim of being a nerd is verified by her new book: Younger You. In this podcast there is so much information about her latest research study on reversing biological aging using DNA methylation. Methylation engages epigenetics to alter your gene expression and change your biological age!  Her study on “healthy” men confirmed this process, reducing their biological age by 3.24 years in 8 weeks, compared to the control group! This has finally verified the effect of diet and lifestyle on aging. A study on women is currently in process. 

Check your biological age and dive in!  This program reflects the same recommendations that are found on Apollo Health for the prevention of dementia in the PreCODE program.  Food is information!  There are other factors that affect methylation as well and Dr. Fitzgerald covers those factors in the podcast (stress, exercise, sleep).  

This is an amazing, informative, and entertaining podcast and reaffirms my appreciation and respect for Dr. Fitzgerald!  It also made me order the book immediately!

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