Links I’m Liking

There is suddenly a burst of articles and podcasts, FINALLY, talking about ultra-processed foods being the root of our health degradation issues. An article in Medical News Today addresses this issue. And I am delighted to see that this news hit the mainstream media of Newsweek Magazine. But to top it all off, there is a brilliant podcast by a prominent cardiologist, Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, thoroughly examining the same issues which he treats in his diabetic and cardio-compromised patients. Hint: Dr. Jamnadas’s main approach, in spite of being a cardiac surgeon, is to get his patients off of medications by using lifestyle, diet, etc.  And he is very successful at this! If you spend no other time listening to podcasts, this one, long as it is, contains more information useable by everyone than any other podcast I have listened to in a very long time!

How long are we going to allow the profits of processed food manufacturers to dictate the health of our society?