It’s All About The Sugar!

Dr. William Li and Dr. Jason Fung join Dr. Mark Hyman on The Doctor’s Farmacy to discuss The Surprising Science behind Cancer Prevention. You have read and heard this phrase many times on this blog and on it’s many links: IT”S ALL ABOUT THE SUGAR!  

But finally, main stream medicine is gradually paying attention to the scientific research on insulin resistance and the microbiome. Dr. Li has written a very thorough and wonderful book Eat to Beat Disease. Dr. Jason Fung is more focused on fasting, time-restricted feeding and lower carb/ketogenic diet vs. the Mediterranean Diet put forth by Dr. Li. Both diets accomplish similar results depending on the seriousness of the health issues involved.

All the information in this podcast applies to not just cancer, but all of our chronic diseases as well: cardio-metabolic, diabetic, neurological including Alzheimer’s etc. and many more. It’s all about cultivating the best environment for our health and longevity using diet as a tool. Of course in Functional Medicine and in the Dr. Dale Bredesen PreCODE and ReCODE programs on Apollo Health, diet is only one of the tools we use, albeit probably the most important one.  

This podcast generates hope for the advancement of protocols that go beyond  the “pill for an ill” agenda of our mainstream medical/pharmaceutical/insurance system that is so broken in many countries, most especially ours.

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