Here We Go – Stories of Alzheimer’s Recovery!

The latest book from Dale Bredesen shows us that Alzheimer’s, and soon to be many other neurological diseases of aging, does not have to be a death sentence and in fact, should become a disease of the past. There are no effective pharmacological solutions, no pill for an ill. However, this approach which continues to get refined, addresses all the “holes in the roof” which leads one down the Alzheimer’s path in the first place. The First Survivors of Alzheimers: How Patients Recovered Life and Hope by Dr. Dale Bredesen of Apollo Health elucidates the lives of seven patients who not only survived Alzheimer’s, but continue to thrive and recover their lives thanks to the Bredesen protocol.

The sooner you assess your cognitive state, including your genetics and lifestyle, the more likely you will be able to avoid Alzheimer’s.  Even if you or your loved one are already experiencing decline, there is hope and this book proves it. I am proud to be part of the Apollo team, a gathering of dedicated practitioners and coaches working together to implement the latest knowledge and research into an individualized program to either prevent (PreCODE) or conquer (ReCODE) the cognitive decline which we all fear. 


As an update: there has been a “proof of concept” trial which has shown astonishing results. An expanded trial is underway. There is no pharmaceutical that shows any similarity in outcome!

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