Maybe, All in Your Head?

Significant podcasts, readings and even a movie are flooding my plate this week. The ones that grab this health coach brain are all related to cognitive health.  

One of the most elucidating  interviews of Dr. Dale Bredesen from Apollo Health (where yours truly is a health coach), appears on The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast, with Dr. Mark Hyman as the interviewer, who as it turns out, practices the Bredesen Protocol with dementia patients. I have listened to many interviews of Dr. Bredesen, and this was one of the best that clearly elucidates the protocol which is used successfully for many forms of neurological diseases.

There is now significant research that links the microbiome of the mouth and sinuses, as well as the already significant gut microbiome, to inflammation that can lead to neurological decline.

Dhru Purohit interviews Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS about the dangers of various conventional dental treatments to which we have all been exposed, and the importance of seeking a trained biological dentist. This podcast informs the listener what to look for in a dentist, which dental programs they should list in their training, etc.

As for the movie, Say Ahh!, even though 4 years old, it gives a good explanation of the importance of our oral health.

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