Why is Organic Only the Beginning?

In his latest podcast, Dr. Mark Hyman interviews Rodale Institute’s Jeff Tkach who enlightens listeners as to why Rodale’s research on organic and regenerative agriculture has demonstrated that this is the ONLY answer to feeding the world and ourselves. We are losing topsoil to chemical inputs and have only 60 years left of topsoil that can sustain farming and it is disappearing quickly. Regenerative animal grazing and agriculture actually increases and enriches the topsoil so land can produce more while at the same time improving the health of humans and the land.

There is a discussion as to why standard organic labels are not the solution even though a small step in the right direction.This podcast, once you get through the Mark Hyman chatter always preceding guests, is a brilliant discussion of the value of regenerative farming and grazing. Rodale Institute has documented and researched the necessity of animal grazing and regenerative agriculture for enriching and rescuing the topsoil which has been severely reduced by years of chemical inputs.There is also an extensive discussion about research into the unique role that Monsanto’s glyphosate (Roundup) has played in the destruction of nutrients in conventional agricultural products.

Rodale has introduced a new beyond organic label that we can look for to support the rebuilding of our topsoil and the restoration of the health of our ecosystem and ourselves:  Regenerative Organic Certified. Look for products with this certification.

To further explore the idea of regenerative farming, check out Sacred Cow, a film related to a new book by Robb Wolf and Diana Rodgers.  The film is free to view from November 22-29!