Preventing and Reversing Cognitive and Neurological Decline

Ivor Cummins, aka The Fat Emperor with the delightful Irish accent, traveled to San Francisco to do a podcast featuring Dr. Dale Bredesen of Apollo Health. Dr. Bredesen is a leading authority on treating neurological decline successfully.  In this interview he outlines the five kinds of Alzheimer’s, the entire ReCODE and ReVerse program, its successes in the treatment of the various kinds of Alzheimers, and the underlying factors in the various expressions of neurological decline: Alzheimers, FTD, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body Dementia, etc. Dr. Bredesen has given many interviews and being trained in his protocol I have listened to them all. This is by far the best!

There exists no clearer explanation of the root cause treatment of these diagnoses, or the protocols for prevention in earlier years. Bredesen’s explanation of why it was necessary to look beyond “a pill for an ill” and develop individualized protocols should be firm notice to insurers and health providers that if they are to be recognized as giving effective treatment, there needs to be an awakening! Even if you never take time for podcasts, for anyone over the age of 40 this is a MUST LISTEN!

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