The Wave of the Future?

The ReCODE, ReVERSE, and soon to be PreCODE program (for prevention), will be used to arrest the progression of Alzheimer’s and many other forms of neurological decline which continues to increase in frequency at an alarming rate. The protocol is involved, individualized, and requires discipline to follow and in many cases a caretaker to implement. But, it works!

An innovation in a senior care facility in Vista, CA, is showing us the wave of the future. This facility implements the protocol developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen for treating, arresting, and in early interventions, actually REVERSING cognitive decline and other neurological issues. Of course, the ability to receive this kind of care depends entirely on the wealth of the individual as very little of this kind of protocol is covered by conventional insurance. My hope is that these kinds of programs become the norm for all citizens in this country – something which at the moment feels like a pipe dream. For now, as a health coach trained in the Bredesen protocol, my goal is to find a meaningful way to help people prevent the onslaught of cognitive and neurological decline, using groups and peer support in a program that is affordable. Health should not be limited by income!

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