The Awakening – Albeit Slow!

And I do mean SLOW! Developments that the Integrative and Functional Medicine folks have been following for some years are finally reaching, if only in a very small and limited way, the standard medical profession along with some of the recognized medical journals. Is this because there has been a lack of peer-reviewed research? NO! But the outcomes of these studies on chronic disease treatments involve finding the root cause and gradually eliminating the need for pharmaceutical solutions and therein the concurrent profits.  If a patient resolves his/her condition via diet and lifestyle, the medical/pharmaceutical/insurance system looses its profits.  And lets not forget the loss to big ag when people start searching out organics and avoid all the tremendously profitable pesticides and commercial inputs which are stripping our soil and conventional food of any worth.  

So we get news bits like:  Wow, maybe intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating might possibly have some benefits! Thanks, Newsweek, something that Virta Health, DietDoctor, and Jason Fung along with many others, have known and used for years. Not to mention that the ketogenic diet combined with time-restricted feeding is being used by doctors leading the assault on cognitive and neurological issues.  (Apollo Health and Dr. Dale Bredesen) Even CNN joined the club.

The result is a suggestion, finally, that maybe doctors being trained in conventional medical school settings should get some nutrition training!  And nutritionist, dietician, or Functional Medicine-trained professionals will laugh at the recommended amount of training just hinted at in this very recent the Washington Post article. Two hours of nutrition training in 4 years of medical school is too much!?

The most exciting breakthrough recently came in the Journal of the American Medical Association where outcomes were compared between Functional and Conventional treatment. It has taken a lot of years to see Functional Medicine and integrative practices become recognized and appreciated. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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