Black Cod Filet with Browned Butter and Fresh Figs

Black cod is from our fish supply that comes vacuum-frozen from Alaska, wild, not farmed. Black cod is a delicate, buttery fish that has a sweet taste – a great fish for someone who is adverse to fishy flavors. Regular cod would work as well. Nandos hot sauce is available at Whole Foods and probably some other stores as well. It gives just enough bite to the butter to perk up the flavors. Probably any hot sauce will suffice. Finish everything with a squeeze of lime to brighten the taste buds. The browned ghee is still from a batch that I forgot on the stove – not burned, just nut brown! It has turned out to be very useful. I will try to forget to remove the ghee from the flame once in a while!

3 fresh white or purple figs, cut in half through stem end
1 3/4 # fillet of black cod with skin
3 T browned butter or ghee, melted
1 tsp hot pepper sauce (Nando’s Medium)
1/2 lime

Brush cod filet on both sides with olive oil.  Grill over medium heat, first on top for grill marks and then finish on skin side for a total of about 10 minutes. In a heavy small saucepan, brown 3T of butter or ghee and add the hot pepper sauce. Put aside for finishing. In last 5 minutes place figs skin side down and brush with a little of the butter sauce.  As an option you can sauté in a cast iron pan with the same timing. When fish is done, remove to a serving platter, decorate with figs and drizzle all with butter sauce and a squeeze of lime.

(Substitutions: Regular cod or haddock can be substituted for the black cod.  Apricots or pitted bing cherries can substitute for the figs. Organic grass-fed ghee is usually permitted even when cow dairy or any dairy is off the menu. You can experiment with other hot sauces, as long as you are sanguine with the ingredients.)

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