The Truth About Healthcare

Quoting a post of mine from 2009!

“Michael Pollan strikes again and says what was scarcely alluded to in President Obama’s powerful speech on healthcare, in today’s New York Times.   If the president had included the topic of Big Food and Big Insurance in his speech, I suspect the entire chamber would have exploded into standing applause. “

” What strikes me as completely brilliant about this Op-Ed is Mr. Pollan’s conclusion that eliminating the ability of insurers to cancel or renege on coverage will force them to face the processed food industry as enemies, the cause of their high expenses to cover chronic, diet-induced diseases.  One monolith against another!  Step one is to put on the band aid (coverage for all) – step two is to prevent the injury from re-occurring or occurring in the first place!  Star Wars here we come.”

I can’t believe that this post is 10 years old!!  What does that say about progress?  Here we are, facing some of the biggest health crises in our history, and still trying to deny healthcare to those that have been harmed by our S.A.D. diet.  (I’m sure by now you all know SAD: Standard American Diet)  The self-sustaining collusion of financial behemoths (insurance, pharmaceutical companies, manufactured food, agribusiness) and the band-aid approach to chronic illness promulgated by a large proportion of our conventional medical community still occurs and threatens our very existence. 

However, the tide is turning and many conventional practitioners are beginning to feel frustrated and are turning to what will no longer be considered “alternative” interventions to treat and cure chronic health issues.  Hence, Functional Medicine which is uniting many branches of holistic healthcare, as well as training conventional practitioners in a full body, root cause approach to dis-ease.  Even insurance companies are beginning to realize that promoting health is more beneficial to their bottom line than colluding with pharmaceutical and industrial forces.  There is hope!

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