Why a coach? When we consider making really big and challenging changes to our health and lifestyle, besides exploring the “how” and “why” of those changes in a reliable, research-proven paradigm, we need the constant motivation to take the steps that will provide us with results that then become the incentive to keep us moving forward.

The Functional Medicine Health Coach is a reflective guide, a cheerleader, an educator, a source of positive encouragement, a lens through which you can view yourself and make positive changes according to real peer-reviewed science that addresses the root causes of dis-ease.  The client becomes the one who is motivated to make changes and will determine which changes and in what order he/she will undertake them.  The coach will hold the client accountable and offer the support and guidance needed to achieve those goals.  The coach can, if needed, work with the client’s practitioner to help the client implement a prescribed program.

My areas of specialization include metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, and all varieties of neurological issues facing an aging population.  I have received special training in the Bredesen Protocol for Alzheimer’s and dementia. I especially enjoy helping people get an early start on prevention of these issues! 

The whole process, as you might imagine, is not a one appointment, fix-all approach.  It begins with a free 15-30 minute contact to see if we are amenable to working together.  Once that is determined, I will explain the packages and program agreement and send it for you to consider and sign.  I work either in person or remotely depending on the circumstances and location.   For more information or to schedule a first free appointment contact me at email below. Looking forward to chatting with you!